HackingEDU is a hackathon conceived and executed by students, for students, with the intent of disrupting the classroom and really pushing the envelope on the contemporary education system. This is the largest student run hackathon encompassing all the major San Francisco Bay Area Universities and those along the west coast.


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Questions? Email us at: team@hackingedu.co


  1. Currently the application is open to all to apply. 
  2. The following people, however, are not eligible to participate: individuals who (a) are an employee of ChallengePost, (b) an employee of one of the sponsoring companies, (c) are the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) and household members of any of those employees or former employees as stated above; (c) are current employees of an entity in which the companies above has invested and holds an ownership interest; (d) are current employees of a third-party sponsor of the Hackathon; or (e) are residents of Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria.
  3. If you are an employee of a corporation, government agency, or an academic institution, you are responsible for ensuring that your participation in the Hackathon complies with any policies your corporation, agency, or institution may have regarding participation in contests of this type. We are not responsible for any disputes arising between you and your employer.


Each team member must register both as an individual and as part of a team at http://hackingedu.challengepost.com/ by 11:00 PM on October 24, 2015. You may not be part of more than one team.

You must complete your team’s Entry to the Event at http://hackingedu.devpost.com/ by 10:00 AM on October 25, 2015. Late entries will not be accepted, and incomplete entries will be disqualified.

Entry to the Event consists of:

  1. The Apis/Platforms your project uses.
  2. Selection of the challenge you are competing in
  3. Project title;
  4. Project tagline;
  5. Project description (should be approximately 100-500 words);
  6. Project screenshots or image/logo, with a maximum size of 5mb; format should be JPG, PNG or GIF with a 3:2 aspect ratio;

Hackathon Sponsors


$100,800 in prizes

HackingEDU 1st Place Winner

500 Startups Interview
ATT Aspire Accelerator in person interview
Oculus DK2 for each team member
$5000 scholarship from Draper University (per applicant accepted)
Hackster: Goodie Bag

HackingEDU 2nd Place Winner

Interview and dinner with GSV Labs Staff
Interview with Learn Capital
BT Controller & Speakers
Emotiv Headset (1x)
Draper: Teams 3 & 2 receive $3,500 off tuition(per applicant accepted)

HackingEDU 3rd Place Winner

Interview with Draper University
Dinner with MakeSchool Founders
Particle Boards
Muse Headset
Draper: Teams 3 & 2 receive $3,500 off tuition(per applicant accepted)

Best use of Wolfram Technologies

TRIP TO NYC for top team to Present Hack at Ignite Disrupt Edtech Conference

One year of Wolfram Programming Cloud Developer Level
One year of Wolfram Mathematica Online
One year of Wolfram|Alpha Pro for everyone on those teams

Best Use of IBM Bluemix


Best Use of Target API


Coolest Pebble Hack! (3)

Pebble Times for top teams

Best use of Dolby (Usage of our technology (base on useful and creativity)) (2)

Sennheiser Game One headsets (for each team member)

GlobalCommit: Social Good Award

$100 gift cards (google play, itunes)

Automattic Social Good Prize

Apple Watches for the Team

Best use of Clusterpoint

Criteria for challenge:
1) sign-up for Cloud Account and enter promo code
2) use Clusterpoint as back-end solution for your app
3) relative degree of Clusterpoint utilization

Rubicon:Bring your Javascript, app development and big data experience and automate advertising

First Prize: $1,000 Amazon Gift Card+Interview with Rubicon Project
Second Prize: $500 Amazon Gift Card+Interview with Rubicon Project
Third Prize (2 count): $250 Amazon Gift Card each + Interviews with Rubicon Project

Design the Future of WikiHow

Hosted lunch with the CEO of WikiHow

WikiHow Challenge Description

wikiHow, the world's most popular how-to website, is currently comprised primarily of text and photos. Help us envision the future of wikiHow: in the world of Snapchat, PhotoMath, Oculus Rift, what additional ways might you imagine interacting with an Internet site to learn how to do something? Consider at least 3 of the various categories you would learn about, including (but not limited to): Health, Relationships, Food, Arts & Entertainment, Technology, and DIY! This challenge can also be completed by non-technical participants. Please complete: 1) A futuristic forward-thinking design for up to 5 different types of articles while also 2) bringing your idea to life by building out a sample interaction with an article. The ideas/design should be primarily for mobile devices.

Best Leap Motion Hack (2)

Leap Motion for everyone on the top 2 Teams

Twist: BEST UX + UI Challenge


Best use of Twilio API

Wearable sleeping bag suit

Best Collaboration Hack using Moxtra SDK/API


Best use of .Club


Best .Club Name


Capital One API Prize

$250 Amazon Gift Card for each Team Member

Best use of Backand (2)

1x Hoverboard (per team)

Best Use of Chegg API


Top Myo Hack

1 Myo Armband for every team member

Namecheap Best Domain

Best Use of Linode Services

1 Raspberry Pi 2 for every team member

HackingEDU Staff Pick (6)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Apply soon because the waitlist is growing fast and we can't guarantee everyone can attend.

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Elizabeth Yin

Elizabeth Yin
Partner, 500 Startups

Muzzammil Zaveri

Muzzammil Zaveri
Partner, KPCB

Michael Staton

Michael Staton
Partner, Learn Capital

Niko Bonatsos

Niko Bonatsos
Partner, General Catalyst

Li Jiang

Li Jiang
VP, GSV Asset Management

Anne Dwane

Anne Dwane
CBO, Chegg

Elizabeth Douglas

Elizabeth Douglas
COO, WikiHow

Josh Tyler

Josh Tyler
VP of Engineering, CourseHero

Judging Criteria

  • Implementation/Execution
  • Potential Impact
  • Feasibility
  • Presentation

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