For a full list of rules visit the HackingEDU website or click here for direct access to the rules.


Use common sense, and listen to HackingEDU staff. Let us know if you have any questions!


Rules are subject to change at any time without notice. Decisions by the HackingEDU team are final. Be sure to read our code of conduct.


Teams must consist of between 1 and 4 participants. Teams must submit a list of members upon submitting their hack by submission date/time TBD. Any modifications after that must be approved by organizers. You can, by all means go solo, but we encourage you to work in groups!


Your app must be built at the hackathon to be eligible for prizes. You can use open source libraries, follow tutorials, bring mockups and anything else you need. If you are using any pre-existing private projects or resources, you must inform judges so that they can fairly evaluate your project. However you must code the actual app at the hackathon. We won't be actively policing this during the event, this rule is enforced in review of the winners.


Teams’ demos will be judged on several criteria including usefulness, technical difficulty, polish, and creativity. More details about the judging process will be provided closer to the event. Teams will not be told their scores during or after judging, and decisions by the judges and HackingEDU team are final.


At the end of the event, teams will showcase their projects in a project fair. During this time period, judges will proceed to all teams, and a team will have one to two minutes to demo their projects in a project fair. A team’s presentation may be interrupted by a judge at any time. Teams must be ready to demo when the judges reach their table, and passing on a judge relinquishes the right to be judged. Corporate prizes are judged directly by the company, and HackingEDU is not responsible for the criteria used by these companies.


Winners for general HackingEDU prizes will be selected by a combination of corporate judges and judges provided by HackingEDU. Each winning team will be responsible for working with the HackingEDU team to arrange for the payment to be sent. Corporate prizes are judged by the respective company, and are provided directly from a company to the winning team. The winning team is responsible for all taxes associated with a prize.


By attending HackingEDU, you acknowledge that your picture and video may be used without compensation, prior permission, or notification in any promotional material related to HackingEDU.


HackingEDU does not claim ownership of any projects submitted. We may use your submitted projects  in future marketing campaigns.


Have a question, or think there's something we should have included here, but didn’t? Drop us a line.