Chegg Basic Textbook search: Search for basic information on books by relevant attributes such as title and author, ISBN or EAN.
Textbook Catalog (including related items): Fetch detailed information such as title, author and edition about textbooks or related items. Find related items to a textbook that include recommended books, supplement materials, e-books and textbook solutions.
Schools: Search for a school by relevant attributes such as name or state. Fetch school information such as funding type, majors they offer, similar schools, cost statistics
Scholarships: Search for a scholarship by relevant attributes such as name, school type, or state. Fetch scholarship details such as provider and requirements.
Chegg API
IBM Bluemix is an open standards, cloud platform for building, running, and managing apps and services. IBM API
Automattic This page contains the technical documentation of the WordPress Widgets API (Application Programming Interface). Automattic API
Capital One Nessie is Capital One’s Hackathon API that gives you access to a multitude of real public-facing data - such as ATM and bank branch locations - along with mock customer account data. Use HTTP requests to set up peer-to-peer transactions, simulate a weekly paycheck, or even schedule bills for customers! This is all structured in a way that resembles how we actually run things here at Capital One. Capital One API
Target Target developer platform + API Target API
Clusterpoint All-in-one DBMS platform with an integrated enterprise search engine, relevance ranking and fault tolerant replication. Wiki Page
Dolby The Dolby Audio API. It's free, and only takes 15 minutes to integrate! Dolby API
Pebble Pebble is an open platform. It's easy to develop on Pebble. You can get started in 60 seconds with CloudPebble. Pebble API
Linode The Linode API is a programmatic interface for automating tasks or even developing custom applications in the Cloud. Linode API
Namecheap The Namecheap API allows you to build web and desktop applications that integrate with your Namecheap account. Namecheap API
Moxtra Moxtra is a contextual communication and collaboration SDK and API for mobile and web apps Moxtra API
Rubicon Rubicon ... Integrate with Rubicon Project APIs to innovate on top of our robust platform Rubicon API
Twilio Building Blocks for Better Communication:
From raw HTTP to helper libraries, get up and running quickly in your language of choice.
Twilio API
Edmodo Edmodo's API makes it easy to develop compelling content that directly engages teachers and students. Edmodo API
Rocketfuel Rocket Fuel is the consumer client for the Marketplace Publishing Tool. It has some special APIs that are not recommended for consumption by other clients. Rocketfuel API
Backand Backand's goal is to free up the front end development of web applications by providing a rich, robust, and scalable back end with minimal impact on the development process. Backand SDK
Bootstrap Bootstrap makes front-end web development faster and easier. It's made for folks of all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and projects of all sizes. Bootstrap
coursehero The Course Hero API is a RESTful API that allows an application to access Course Hero's online features and data. Course Hero API
AT&T AT&T's API for speech and more! AT&T API
moBack Launch feature-rich apps in no time by plugging in user rated APIs from moBack’s API marketplace or monetize your code. moBack API
Roblox Roblox API Roblox API
Particle Particle is a platform for the Internet of Things. Using a Photon for you project? Check out these resources:
Getting Started
Particle API
HackerRank Companies, schools, and groups of friends are using the HackerRank platform to hold contests. Conduct contests of any kind imaginable by using the HackerRank Code Checker API... HackerRank API
Wolfram The Wolfram API operates as a high-performance REST-style web service, with convenient bindings for popular languages and platforms. Wolfram API
Leap Motion The Leap Motion system recognizes and tracks hands, fingers and finger-like tools. Leap Motion API
UserTesting Run a set of 5 tests on us:
Create your account at here then follow these 5 easy steps on the dashboard:
1) Choose a device - desktop or mobile
2) Define your target audience across nine demographic criteria
3) Set user tasks - many predefined tasks to choose from, or make up your own!
4) Ask follow up questions - again choose from suggestions, or make your own.
5) Enter this gift code on the Order Summary page: HACKINGEDU
note: not all five credits need to be used at once!
Texas Instriuments Comprehensive, easy to use platform software and development tools support you from initial board bring up, through your full product cycle — for TI ultra-low power microcontrollers, high-performance DSP and Sitara™ ARM® processors, or wireless connectivity devices. TI Resource Page
Thalmic Labs Makers of Myo gesture control armband. We are building the future of wearable technology. Thalmic Labs
Emotiv EMOTIV is a bioinformatics company advancing understanding of the human brain using electroencephalography (EEG). Emotiv SDK
Muse The SDK contains everything you need to build a brain sensing application. Muse Dev Kit
Oculus Start turning your dreams into virtual realities. Oculus Dev Kit You can use the API to programmatically access the site. API
Hackster Quick setup for REST testing of an API for IoT.
Google Google API Explorer Google API Explorer
WikiHow The MediaWiki action API is a web service that provides convenient access to wiki features, data, and meta-data over HTTP, via a URL usually at api.php. WikiHow/MediaWikiAPI
Gun A real-time, decentralized, offline-first, graph database engine. GunDB API
Braintree Braintree makes it easy to accept payments in your app or website. Braintree API